FrostBike 2003

There was a gathering of folks on bikes on March 1, 2003 who took part in a one-time-only celebration of bicycles in the streets of Cambridge. Organized by a some students from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, this was a short ride from the Cambridge Common to Cambridge City Hall where a proclamation was read by State Senator (and fashion plate) Jarrett Barrios, hot chocolate was had by all, and a piņata in the shape of an SUV was gleefully whacked by the kids. Overall, a good way to kick off the month of March.

Kicking off FrostBike at the Cambridge Common

Jarrett Barrios readies for the ride

It's never OK to tell a bike to get off the road

Cambridge's Finest were there to escort the ride

The front of the pack on Mt. Auburn Street

and the little folks

Jarrett prepares for the proclamation

Nice hat, Jarrett!

The proclamation is passed

This is Amy (whose hat outdid Jarrett's)

The SUV piņata ready to be assaulted

The assault begins

Honorable mention in the hat competition

The Big Payoff

[More images and higher resolution images available on request.]

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