Cambridge Recycling, Inc.

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Cambridge Recycling, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose mission is to promote recycling, home composting, community gardening, and other endeavors that are beneficial to the environment and its inhabitants. Our aim is not and never will be to hit people over the head with what we believe to be good practices, but to educate and promote and to provide the necessary tools.

Our principal activity since we began in April of 1992 has been the promotion of backyard composting and the procurement and distribution of low-cost compost bins in and around Cambridge, Massachusetts. The procurement end was eventually passed to the Cambridge Public Works Dept. which has now ceased its composter sales but does refer interested people to local vendors where compost bins may be purchased. We continue to provide free technical assistance and (when time permits) free delivery and setup of compost bins. We have also been known to deliver (always for free) wood chip mulch and other materials to charitable organizations and to people without automobiles. We also continue to occasionally donate and install compost bins at community gardens and assist in their maintenance and repair.

We have to date distributed in excess of 2000 compost bins in and around Cambridge in our own person-to-person style. Here's a table showing the kinds of bins that are were available at the Recycling Center and which can still be purchased through (often overpriced) private vendors:

Composter Dimensions Volume Features Price
Earth Machine(EM) 30 inch diameter at base, 24 inch diameter at top, 32 inch height. 11 cubic feet (approx.) Circular design (tapered). Door at base for removing finished compost. 18 inch opening at top. Comes with bottom screen. $16.00
no longer available
28 inch by 28 inch square base, 24 inch by 24 inch square top, 32 inch height 12 cubic feet (approx.) Square design. Two doors at base. Top opening is very wide for manipulating the pile. Bottom screen available by special order. may be purchased at Pemberton Farms ($60?)
Brave New Composter
Variable diameter up to 43 inches. 30 inch height. Up to 24 cubic feet, adjustable. Circular design with inverted cones for top and bottom, rope handle. Large volume is ideal for large leaf piles and community gardens. No doors.
[This model is available only on request.]
No longer available
Aeration tool (T) Arrowhead shaped tool to be attached to any light-duty wooden mop handle. Used for mixing materials in the compost pile, distributing moisture, and aeration. Tool is especially useful for composters with a narrow opening on top. $1.00
no longer available, but we could try to locate some if there's demand

If you would like further information, contact Robert Winters at 617-661-9230 or via e-mail at