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Light Pollution and Your Health
The Limit Light Pollution Team urges you to read the following new articles for more information on how light pollution and the 24-hour light cycle can adversely impact your health.

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Excess Light Exposure May Take Toll on Muscles and Bones - New York Times
Excerpt: "
The study is the first of its kind to show markers of negatively-affected muscle fibers, skeletal systems and motor performances due to the disruption of circadian clocks, remarkably in only a few months," said Chris Colwell, a psychiatry professor and sleep specialist at the University of California, Los Angeles, who was not part of the study. "They found that not only did motor performance go down on tests, but the muscles themselves just atrophied, and mice physically became weaker under just two months under these conditions."

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What Rising Light Pollution Means for Our Health -- BBC Future

Excerpt: The increasing illumination of night has converged with our growing understanding of circadian physiology, and how light at night can disrupt that physiology. The suspicion has emerged recently that some serious maladies could result from circadian disruption such as poor sleep, obesity, diabetes, certain cancers and mood disorders. The most potent environmental exposure that can cause circadian disruption is ill-timed electric lighting, particularly at night.

There are also some severe ecological consequences  of light pollution that include mortality events on migrating birds and sea mammals.

Join LLP's Health & Environment Team
We are pleased to have a new sub-committee working on limiting light pollution in our fair but very bright! --- city. A committee of citizens, experts and scientists concerned with the health and environmental effects of 24/7 light and light pollution. If you are interested in working with them in preparation for an upcoming hearing before the city's Health and Environment Committee, please send a note to us at limitlightpollution@gmail.com.

Photography at Night
Learn how to take photos of lights at night through these night photography classes found here. One of our team says that the workshop offers "excellent" tips and tricks for taking photographs at night. Sign up today!
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