Cambridge InsideOut - February 16, 2016

5:30pm and 6:00pm - Picture show

Cambridge shoreline

Cambridgeport Land Owners

Hales Map 1830

Broad Canal 1902

Cambridge Bridge 1910

Cambridge High School

Central Square

BU Bridge     BU Bridge

Off to War - 1918

Charles River shoreline

Lafayette Square

Where's Libby's Liquor is today

Central Square

Central Square

Central Square

Central Square at night

Prospect Street - 1950s

City Hall - 1950s

Lafayette Square Shell

Central Surplus

Harvard before the tunnel

RCA Building - Kendall Sq., One Memorial Drive

Site of MIT in 1890

Inman Square

Central Square
March 5, 1907 - Western Ave., Central Square

Washington ElmInner Belt Plan

Harvard Square parking

Central Square Cinema

Mass. Ave. and Prospect St.

View toward Cambridge from Charlesgate

Postcard - MIT and Harvard Bridge

Carved tree on Sydney Street - 1978

1947 aerial view

Aerial view

Aerial view 1971

aerial view 1975

Harvard - aerial photo 1930

Manual Training School

Pearl and Putnam trolley

Cambridge Street trolley

Cambridge Street trolley

East Cambridge - Fulkerson Street

Metropolitan Storage